CV Prevention with Dr Ballantyne

Dr Christie Ballantyne is the chief of cardiology and cardiovascular research at Baylor College of Medicine. He gave grand rounds on cardiovascular disease prevention at Washington University in St. Louis. I interviewed him about the commonly used risk calculators and how he assesses cardiovascular risk in the office.

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Cardiac Amyloidosis – Dr Lenihan

What patients should you be testing for cardiac amyloidosis? In this episode, I talk with Dr. Daniel Lenihan, an expert in cardiac amyloidosis. We review the exciting advances in the field of cardiac amyloidosis from epidemiology to treatments. You might be surprised to hear how common this condition is.

Links to articles referenced: 1) Cardiac amyloid in patients undergoing carpal tunnel release surgery  2) Prevalence of amyloidosis among patients hospitalized for HFpEF