Atrial Fibrillation

In 2002, NEJM published the AFFIRM trial, showing no difference in outcomes between patients with atrial fibrillation treated with rate or rhythm control strategy. But does that mean rate control should be the default treatment method? In this episode I discuss this topic with Dr. Mitch Faddis and Dr. Philip Cuculich and their approach to this decision.

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Aortopathies with Dr. Braverman

I met with Dr. Alan Braverman to talk about aortic diseases (aka aortopathies) such as Marfan’s disease, Ehlers-Danlos and Loeys-Dietz. We discuss everything from clinical presentations and genetics to treatments.

Articles referenced: NEJM Atenolol vs Losartan in Marfan’s

CV Prevention with Dr Ballantyne

Dr Christie Ballantyne is the chief of cardiology and cardiovascular research at Baylor College of Medicine. He gave grand rounds on cardiovascular disease prevention at Washington University in St. Louis. I interviewed him about the commonly used risk calculators and how he assesses cardiovascular risk in the office.

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